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quick post to explain some stuff.

whilst some Homestuck characters will be replacing the main Adventure Time characters there are a lot of Homestucks so a lot of them may not make frequent appearances. there’s a couple minor, yet recurring Adventure Time characters that will be replaced but i will try to include all the Homestucks as much as i can!

im also not too fond on including ships. in adventure time Finn has a crush on Princess Bubblegum and it is a major part of the story in a few episode but it would make basically no sense for the characters replacing Finn and Bubblegum to have that sort of relationship. at least not realistically.

im not sure how i’ll go about it when it comes up but the plot will be bent quite a lot to accommodate so many characters so i’ll work something out.

this has not made much sense but i felt i should try and explain before i started posting.

time to start this thing

time to start this thing